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Commercial Hosted PBX Service starts at just $49.95 per month for up to 5 four line extensions with unlimited incoming calls and a low rate of just a few cents per minute for outgoing anywhere in the continental United States. With this Call Center Class of Service you get Auto Attendant, Complex Routing, Unified Messaging, Call Recording, Queues, Parking Features, Intercom, Group Paging and a whole lot more. All of this is configurable using the World Class Management Software "Thirdlane".

Private (dedicated) servers start at just $149.95 per month. With this service you have total control of the system and user extensions. Incoming FAX to Email service is just one of the many added features of a private server.

To manage your Hosted PBX Service please log in to your
Thirdlane Account.
With Voice Over IP (VoIP) and a PBX Server you become the Phone Company. You can create extensions to be placed anywhere on the Internet. Imagine having an office in California and an office in Florida that are on the same phone system. Easily transfer calls between cities at zero cost. Many companies use this technology for employees who work from home.
Antelecom, Inc. offers commercial VoIP service, Hosted PBX service and private PBX servers.
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